Silicone Keyboard Skin Protector For 15-inch Laptop

Universal Silicone Keyboard Protector Keyguard Skin cover for 15.6 Inch Laptop With the Laptop keyboard protector, your laptop remains protected against any wear and tear. Durable while light weight, Flexible while Non-slip, Non-toxic as well as Healthy & Environment Friendly. Protection against food or drink spillage. Easy to attach, remove and wash.


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Product Description

> This film has used the international popular environmental protection material- sillicon, touch soft, non-toxic, non-corrosiveness, anti-yellow, high-temperature-proof, wear resistant, heat-resistant as well as has high strong feature of release which is not easy to damage.
> Its surface also has anti-side function, lets you type with easel ultra thin design makes you open and close your computer without affection.
> Cannot shift during using, it cancompletely close fiting your keyboard surface but doesnot affect operation.
> Waterproof material, the unique automatic adsorption design, 100 angles do not crash effectively prevented the liquid inflow keyboard and damage the computer.
> Dustproof and anti dirty design may avoid the dust, the cigarette ash, the biscuit filling and so on falls into the keyboard to affect the keyboard life.
> Special bacteria elimination processing causes it difficult to grow the bacterium and keep the keyboard clean.
> Smoothly paste on the keyboard, it can use in common each brand notebook keyboard, its good releasing heat function does not affect the releasing heat function of notebook keyboard.
> Easy to clean, it may directly flush by water, it become clean after silghtly rub and then may duplicate uses.
> Ultra thin design, has high transparent feature, may let you clearly see the charactes on the keyboard and does not affect typing.
> Does not deteriorate and distort after long-time use can provide long time protection for you the computer, does not distort with free winding aiso may wash but edoes not affect the use effect.


> Material : Sillicon
> Type : Keyboard Skin Protector
> Weight : 20gm
> Size : 40 X 14 cm (approx)
> Suitable For : Laptop
> Colour : Creamy White
> Package : Pack of 1pc

Weight 0.020 g
Dimensions 14 × 40 cm

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